96J1Fa3ph1WHECQ74Dy70Utz_00j2vR5B_dPUhpWu_A,-d4efSgyTc1H489bbSClW_ELy5J1ulh_uMKjkRYJWaE,QE3JDFehPqeDfJIotKEUiqHEAszAvOXGO0ErhCXeZYsThank you for visiting my website!  I’m Ryah (pronounced Ree-ah), an Integrative and Functional Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a real food philosophy.

Functional Nutrition* is an approach that considers the whole person, the root cause of symptoms and how body systems are interrelated.  Functional nutrition honors food as medicine and the body’s ability to heal.

I believe in nutrition that is:

Sustainable.  You’ll hear me talking about the benefits of food that is whole, real, local, seasonal and organic. Food that is grown in a way that supports the environment.  Animals that eat what they are meant to eat.   Local food that supports your community.  This food is nutrient dense, satisfying and will help you achieve your health goals.

NourishingLet’s face it: diets always fail.  It’s not a reflection on you and has nothing to do with willpower.  Diets focus on deprivation instead of providing the nutrition that your body needs to function at its best.  I take the focus off deprivation and put it back on nourishment.

Individualized.  I can help you find the foods and ways of eating that support YOU, in your wonderful uniqueness.   Note: what works for you may change with the seasons, with your environment and stage of life.   Enjoy the ride!

Body wise.  Your body is always talking to you and telling you what it needs, but we aren’t taught how to listen.  I can help you tap into your innate wisdom.

OptimalHealth is more than the absence of disease or sickness; health is about optimizing wellness.

Soulful.  Your relationship with food can be mindful, joyful and soulful!

*For more information on functional nutrition, visit the Institute for Functional Medicine.