IG0C2uR6tshu2Gpy24UQBEbqqWYzAkb6dKovCEwzhB8,3I9ZWgO0MvbJ4B15cGuZJ9W_zEsKQw-DmjPoue_xSmM,6K-ZNv4wxlQKMyiMxoii5ku65cEwC-lYCAK9eD3gPCsHere is what some are saying about working with me:

I have experienced incapacitating migraines throughout my entire life and have been on medication for the last 20 years.  I’ve tried everything for relief: chiropractic treatment, exercise, TMJ treatment with orthodontia, neurologist consults, hormone tests, physical therapy, etc.  No answer resulted.  Finally, I have an answer NOW!  It has to do with digestion!  With your guidance and nutrition counseling, I have found which foods create inflammatory effects causing headaches.  My migraines have decreased in quantity and duration since changing my diet.  Thank you for the better days I face!  –KM, Oregon

THANK you, thank you THANK YOU for your help and patience with my growing palate and healthy eating habits.  You have helped me in such an incredible way – I am so amazingly grateful that our paths have crossed.  –EP, Colorado

It’s been over 300 days since I’ve binged, and I cook ALL the time.  Your encouragement, support, knowledge and safety have been so valuable in this process, and I can’t thank you enough.  –PA, Colorado

I have struggled with my weight for some time.  Over the last several years I have tried various diets none of which provided lasting results.  Your unique approach that combines: consuming whole foods, adjusting eating habits, meal and snack timing, the mind and emotional aspects — really works! Eating and nutrition have become a sustainable, practical and healthy way to weight loss.  I have learned so much from you about myself and nutrition.  I look forward to continuing the journey!  –BS, Colorado