I grew up in Alaska and found a connection with nature at an early age.  I have always been interested in plants and food and began experimenting with my diet in high school.  I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and majored in International Relations and Environmental Studies.  During this time I became very interested in sustainable agriculture.  I interned on an urban organic farm where I helped connect people their food, build community and address food security.  This experience led to several more years working in the fields of organic farms and as an advocate for local food systems.

When I decided to continue my education, nutrition was an obvious choice.  I moved to Seattle and completed my Master of Science degree in nutrition at Bastyr University, the leading whole food and natural medicine based program in the country.  During my time at Bastyr, I discovered a love for biochemistry and counseling and I continued working in the dirt as the Nutrition Garden Coordinator for the Bastyr University Garden.

When my time in Seattle came to a close, I moved to sunny Colorado and studied for a year with Marc David at the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.   This work focused on counseling skills around our complex relationship with food and body.  It has been so valuable and powerful to be able to bring this foundation to clients.

I’ve been practicing nutrition in Colorado since 2009 and my practice focuses on functional nutrition and real food dietary approaches to prevention and healing.  I help clients uncover the root cause of health concerns and to find an individual and sustainable approach to nutrition.   I address my own health concerns with nutrition and functional medicine and I know first hand how powerful food and simple, natural interventions can be.

I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (also known as a Registered Dietitian.) This credential allows me to serve my clients by providing laboratory tests, insurance reimbursement and bridging the gap between Western/allopathic medicine and natural medicine.

I live in Littleton, Colorado with my sweetie and our daughter.  In my free time I love cooking, gardening, finding the best local food, walking, hiking and relaxing.

I am passionate about real food and the work I do with my clients.  Please feel free to contact me about my credentials or with any questions about my practice.